Case Study: Improving access security for a Defence company

S-Key’s biometric, fingerprint-activated, access solution adds a key security layer for high-risk environments. Secure physical access control is vital in the Defence industry, where the risk of any failure in security measures, including those with two-factor authentication, could have severe consequences.

At a leading UK Defence company, S-Key’s fingerprint-activated biometric access control cards improved security at low cost and with significant added benefits.


The Issue: How to maximise security

The company uses access control cards alone or with two-factor authentication (password or PIN) for physical access control. They are always looking for new technologies which add further security layers to strengthen their security and minimise the risk of breaches.

Biometric fingerprint authentication provides a positive security layer which eliminates the risk of abuse or human error associated with passwords or PINs.

“Biometric authentication clearly delivers an extra layer of security to our access control systems, which is vital in the Defence industry”

Site Security Manager

Our Defence client was keen to trial S-Key fingerprint-activated access control cards, asking six key questions:

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Do these cards provide added security

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How easy is it to enrol and evaluate?

Two white arrows pointing opposite directions on a bright green background

What are the costs of implementation?

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Can biometric access control cards be used for secure printing or logical access too?

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How will personal data be handled?

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What is the user experience?

The Solution: biometric access control cards

Selected security and cleaning staff who frequently move around the site were given S-Key cards, covering over 130 physical access control points.

All users were swiftly enrolled and secured appropriate access using the company’s existing NFC access card reader infrastructure.

“The use of S-Key at our premises showed that their fingerprint activated access control cards are simple to set up, safe and secure – with the added benefit of being low cost. It’s a great product.”

Site Security Staff

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