Drayson Technologies signs a technology licensing agreement with CardLab for the use of Freevolt world leading energy-harvesting technology to power biometric smartcards.


  • The licence allows CardLab to integrate Freevolt energy harvesting technology in their next generation of powered biometric smartcard, which fight credit card fraud as well as identity theft and cyber-criminal activities by protecting every transaction with the required use of the owner’s fingerprint
  • Freevolt provides 2-3 times more power than has previously been available and uses existing manufacturing techniques and components, significantly increasing the speed of a secure transaction
  • CardLab has a strong portfolio of biometric card solutions and is a unique “One stop shop” providing all card development and production services, bringing a card from a good idea to a card product in mass production
  • CardLab has the market’s most power efficient card solutions and an outstanding card lamination capability using standard lamination equipment at temperature ranges suitable for electronic card lamination

Drayson Technologies (Europe) Limited today announces it has signed a technology licensing agreement with CardLab to integrate Freevolt energy harvesting technology into CardLab’s powered biometric smartcard solutions, in applications that include payment credit and debit cards, e-Passports, ID cards, security passes and medical information cards.


Customers are set to benefit from the partnership that will see Drayson Technologies’ personnel based in the UK working closely alongside Denmark’s CardLab to combine their respective solutions into an integrated card that unlocks a new era of smartcard security and enables cards to work in a low power reader environment.A person holding their thumb on an S-Key smartcard

Freevolt smartcard harvesting solutions currently outperform all other solutions on the market- providing between 2-3 times more available power for contactless transactions, which typically take less than 1 second. Drayson Technologies’ patented Freevolt technology enables a new generation of payment smartcard, e-Passports, ID cards, security passes and medical cards by harvesting additional power that provides improved security, reduced transaction times at payment and access terminals and full functionality at all readers. CardLab have over 15 years’ experience in the smartcard market and are committed to working with Drayson Technologies in rolling out biometric smartcard on a world-wide basis, powered by Freevolt technology. Freevolt uses existing manufacturing techniques and components, is compliant with the size and thickness required for existing smart and credit card standards and is ready for mass manufacture.

Gonzalo de Gisbert, Head of Product, Drayson Technologies, said:
“Fraud is increasing year on year, with enhanced securities measures inhibited by the lack of available power. Drayson Technologies can overcome this problem through its innovative Freevolt technology, built on years of experience in radio frequency harvesting. This partnership with CardLab is a fantastic validation of the impact and utility Freevolt provides, able to make fraud prevention a reality and put it in the hands of everyone.”

Frank Sandeløv, CEO, CardLab, said:
“CardLab has created card solutions to help fight fraud, identity theft, provide unique identity and simultaneous full privacy protection. A large part of such cards are based on energy harvesting solutions and until now, the available energy harvesting solutions have been unable to produce sufficient power to make cards work in all terminals. The collaboration between Drayson Technologies and CardLab changes the situation dramatically making is possible to harvest sufficient energy from all contactless terminals. After thorough testing Drayson Technologies have been selected as supplier due to its unique performance and strong IPR protection.”