Drayson Technologies wins global recognition for Freevolt at IDTechEx show

Drayson Technologies has today announced it has won the ‘Best Technical Development Within Energy Harvesting’ award category at the IDTechEx Show for its Freevolt technology. The award is in recognition of the innovative energy management that Freevolt is bringing to the global Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Freevolt is a patented and patent-pending wireless charging technology for IoT devices. It uses recycled radio frequency energy harvested from wireless transmissions such as microwave, cellular, WiFi and digital TV when sufficient RF density is available, or inductive power transfer using a dedicated transmitter.

Freevolt technology can extend the lifetime of IoT devices by trickle charging their batteries. As the number of IoT devices in use continues to grow, Freevolt offers a sustainable, cost efficient solution for powering IoT networks. Through these advancements, Drayson Technologies is helping to maximise the huge potential that the IoT can offer governments, businesses and organisations across the world.

Drayson Technologies collected the award during the IDTechEx Show at the Santa Clara Convention Center, where it also presented its Freevolt-powered CleanSpace product, an IoT sensor network to monitor air pollution, to the attending audience of global technology decision makers.

Lord Paul Drayson, Chairman and CEO of Drayson Technologies said:
“We are delighted to have won the IDTechEx Award in recognition of our Freevolt technology. Drayson Technologies will continue to develop innovative solutions and products over the coming years to fuel the huge growth in this market.”

IDTechEx analyst Dr Harry Zervos said:
“Congratulations to Drayson Technologies who tackled the multifaceted beast of developing a consumer electronics product with a slick form factor and functionalities that address issues of global importance such as increased environmental awareness, while incorporating advanced energy harvesting technologies, bringing to fruition the advent of the IoT by taking advantage of abundant ambient energy sources and – almost ubiquitous by now – distributed processing power.”