Freevolt showcases S-Key, its secure fingerprint activated biometric access card, at The Security Event 2023

The Security Event is the UK’s award-winning commercial, enterprise and domestic security event, showcasing the world’s leading security brands. S-Key was proud to exhibit at this year’s show at the NEC, Birmingham, alongside our partner Fingerprints, electrifying customers with our next generation biometric access control card.

Risk-free access

We were overwhelmed by the interest in S-Key, with hundreds of visitors across the three days.  We demonstrated how S-Key eliminates the risk of person not present access fraud, showing how simply S-Key fingerprint access control cards can be set up and used with any access card reader. We were delighted to be able to host discussions on how easily S-Key can integrate within workplaces to bring an array of benefits:

  • Works with all existing 13.56 MHz/NFC readers
  • Secure access control cards remove the need to remember passwords or PINs
  • Only the specified user can gain access – no concerns over lost, stolen or shared cards
  • Eliminates any hygiene concerns with a touch-free system
  • Provides a completely battery-less solution

Biometrics Inside

We introduced security experts to our on-card fingerprint technology – smart enough to identify the authorised user, but without sharing personal data. No personal information leaves the card and your template is securely stored inside, so you don’t need to worry about data protection and privacy issues.

Battery-free technology

We explained to environmentally-aware organisations how we make our cards battery-free using Freevolt’s innovative technology.  Furthermore, S-Key works with your existing 13.56 MHz readers, which means we can enable an additional security layer through biometrics without the environmental waste or cost of a change of infrastructure.

Cutting edge biometric access control cards

If you missed the chance to meet us at The Security Event and would like a demonstration of the world’s first batteryless biometric access control card to connect entry to a person’s fingerprint, please get in touch – we’d love to introduce you to S-Key and show you how S-Key can revolutionise access control at your workplace!