Freevolt Technologies and LogOnPlus announce S-Key Partnership.

Freevolt Technologies has partnered with LogOnPlus to deliver biometric logical access, enabled by S-Key, for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries

Freevolt Technologies and i.p.a.s.-systeme are pleased to announce the release of LogOnPlus v5.1 with biometric credentials, facilitated by S-Key biometric access cards. Users across the chemical and pharmaceutical industries who already use LogOnPlus will now be able to securely log on to their systems using biometrics via S-Key.

Launched in 2014, LogOnPlus is already used by leading manufacturers from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries across Central Europe. Widely supported, including target applications from Emerson Process (DeltaV), General Electric (iFix), Siemens (Simatic Logon), Honeywell (Experion PKS), COPA-DATA (Zenon) and Körber (PAS-X), LogOnPlus is standard software (COTS) that controls and facilitates user logons for target applications in production environments. LogOnPlus drastically reduces logon times and enables additional functionality like passwordless re-logons and remote login replication.

With the latest release, now supporting S-Key, LogOnPlus is able to completely dispense with passwords by using individuals’ biometric credentials to verify their identity and continue pursuing its mission of reducing logon times. LogOnPlus can distinguish biometrically unlocked S-Key cards from conventional RFID tags and so allows hybrid scenarios in which both types are in place. S-Key answers GDPR concerns around biometrics by securely storing users’ biometric data only on their own personal cards, without ever transmitting it or requiring any central databases.

Through S-Key’s leading radio frequency (RF) energy harvesting technology, Freevolt, LogOnPlus customers can maintain their existing NFC reader and back-end systems for their target applications, simply upgrading to LogOnPlus v5.1 and S-Key for immediate biometric-controlled access to their existing hardware.

Gonzalo de Gisbert, Head of Product & BD, Freevolt Technologies, said:
“We are delighted to be working with the LogOnPlus team who are leaders across the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, enabling seamless and reduced logon times, thereby increasing efficiency. S-Key has already enabled many customers across Europe to upgrade their physical infrastructure to biometrics, but with today’s announcement we demonstrate our move into Logical Access, enabling industries with strict security requirements to benefit from battery less biometric technology in a simple, safe, and secure package, our S-Key card.”

Thomas Häuser, Product Manager LogOnPlus, said:
“We are more than happy having found a reliable and innovative partner in the Freevolt S-Key team. S-Key enables us to provide fully passwordless logins without trading in security for convenience. One of the unrivalled advantages of S-Key is that it requires zero additional infrastructure or software for the biometrical identification: Everything happens on the card and it stays on the card – forever. The standard form factor together with common RFID technology make it easy for our customers to switch over to biometrical identification from conventional RFIDs without causing high costs for hardware or system changes. We see great potential in S-Key in conjunction with LogOnPlus and so proudly offer the LogOnPlus S-Key Adapter (A200) with LogOnPlus 5.1 as our first biometric approach for passwordless logins.”

About Freevolt Technologies

Freevolt Technologies is a UK technology company developing Freevolt energy harvesting solutions that convert radio frequency (RF) energy into usable direct current. Freevolt is an award-winning suite of proprietary, patented, and patent-pending technologies that recycle and harvest RF energy from radio transmission networks (NFC, cellular, Wi-Fi, etc.) in order to power electrical devices such as smart cards, sensors, and wearables. Biometric smart cards are the lead commercial application.

Freevolt Technologies’ mission is to enable advanced smart cards that feature fraud protection and improved security without any impact on existing infrastructure or user experience.

Freevolt Technologies is based in London, UK with a team of international engineers bringing a wealth of experience in RF energy harvesting and associated power and control technologies.

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About LogOnPlus

LogOnPlus is a software product by i.p.a.s.-systeme, an engineering office based near Frankfurt, Germany. i.p.a.s.-systeme was founded in 1995 by its today’s owner Bernhard Wurm and has specialized in custom software development (especially interfaces in the DCS and MES environment) for customers in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

LogOnPlus is a server / client software that identifies operators, validates their credentials and raises a login request in a production application via the respective API. LogOnPlus supports various identification methods (Adapters) and target applications (Connectors) designed with the aim to increase production efficiency by saving login and signature time in strictly regulated production environments with frequent personal login needs.

LogOnPlus 1.0 was created 2014 and has undergone several development steps to the current release 5.1 supporting biometric authentication.

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