Improving vehicle access control using biometric cards 

How do you ensure that vehicles used in logistics, warehousing and manufacturing environments are secure and only used by trained and authorised employees?

No shared keys, no chance of untrained users getting access to your vehicles – S-Key fingerprint access cards give you total and traceable control over vehicle security.

The cost of allowing vehicle access to the wrong person

Vehicles used in logistics, warehousing and production environments are a significant investment for your business. The acquisition, maintenance and operation costs of trucks, forklifts, fleet and other vehicles demand safe and efficient use.

Without proper vehicle access control, you risk an unauthorised operative using your workplace vehicles. This incurs:

  • Risk of damage to the vehicle
  • Risk of damage to property, including customer property
  • Risk of personal injury to themselves or others

These risks can lead to: 

  • High and uninsured costs for your organisation 
  • Penalties for breaches in Health & Safety and other regulations
  • An immediate operational impact on your business 
  • Reputational damage

Biometric vehicle access control

Whatever the type of vehicle, vehicle access security is now possible using S-Key biometric access control cards. Our fingerprint-authenticated security cards are a simple solution, ensuring that only the authorised individual has access to specific vehicles.

Biometric authentication relies on the unique characteristics of an individual’s fingerprints to verify their identity. It is a zero-trust model which requires the right person to be present every time, so removes at a stroke the risk of lost or stolen credentials.

Fingerprint access control on a card

S-Key biometric access control cards use fingerprints to authenticate vehicle access. The system is easy to set up: S-Key cards are quick to enrol in your access control system, and the authorised employee simply registers their fingerprint on their individual card. 

If you already have access control hardware fitted to your vehicles, S-Key fingerprint access cards can be used right out of the box, as they communicate with a broad range of existing NFC (near field communication) / 13.56 MHz RFID devices.

Many vehicle manufacturers are already incorporating card-reading devices into their products as a simple way to secure vehicle access. With S-Key, that protection level is immediately boosted with an additional security layer working seamlessly.

The added benefits of biometric access control cards

Fingerprint-authenticated vehicle access control cards also deliver extra benefits to your business:

  • Positive identification of the vehicle user means that only skilled, trained operatives have access – so health and safety requirements are met.
  • Access to the vehicles can be tracked, allowing accurate time and mobility data to be logged – helpful for payroll, efficiency modelling, fuel management and even the allocation of fault or damage.
  • The system is cost-effective to set up – freely connecting with existing NFC/13.56 MHz readers and a wide range of potential in-vehicle hardware. 
  • Fast, easy enrolment of authorised users onto your system, and minimal ongoing maintenance or replacement time or cost
  • Works with existing card printers, lanyards etc. as our biometric vehicle access control cards match usual card dimensions.
  • Contactless vehicle access control protects your workforce from potential exposure to germs and viruses on shared keys or PIN and password systems, keeping them healthy.

Personal data protection

Personal data never leaves the card and is not transferred. The user simply adds their fingerprint to their own card, where it is held secure – providing reassurance that their personal information is safe in their own hands. The only information communicated to the card reader is a simple confirmation or denial of access.

This also simplifies privacy management and GDPR reporting for your organisation, because you do not store or use the biometric data.

Simple and secure vehicle access control

Unauthorised vehicle access can present a huge risk to any business. The S-Key biometric access control card provides a simple and secure solution.

Our scalable system allows you to introduce fingerprint-activated access control to individual vehicles or whole fleets, giving you the ability to trial biometric access control or limit it to vehicles presenting the greatest risk.

S-Key vehicle access security cards work hard for your business, allowing the tracking and allocating of vehicle use, and protecting your employees’ personal data. 

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