Connect access to a person’s fingerprint and eliminate the security risk of lost or stolen cards – with no additional infrastructure costs.

Increase your security using your existing access control systems

Currently most access control systems ask for no user verification when granting access. Possession means full access and therefore if a card is lost or stolen you have no security until that card is cancelled. Using either your existing access control infrastructure, or for a newly installed system, S-Key eliminates the threat of person not present access fraud by linking access with an individual’s fingerprint.

Without their finger on the card access is denied!

How it works

As easy as 1, 2, 3…


A drawing of a finger pressing a finger print scanner

Hold your finger

On the card’s fingerprint sensor and wait ~ 1 second for authentication


A drawing of someone holding a card next to a terminal with a tick on it

Tap your card

Simply place your S-Key card on the 13.56 MHz reader


A drawing of a padlock with a tick next to it

Access granted

The reader will communicate with the card and give you access (depending on your privileges)

S-Key benefits: Secure, Fingerprint Activated Biometric Access Control Solutions

Discover the next generation of fingerprint activated access control with our advanced biometric entry solutions. Experience seamless NFC integration, improved security and effortless scalability, all while protecting user privacy and ensuring GDPR compliance. Upgrade your access system today for a more secure and hygienic future.

A line icon of a pass card on a bright green background

Access linked to a person’s fingerprint

Remove the threat of person not present access fraud

A thumb print with circuit board connectors on a bright green background

Works with all existing NFC readers

Quick to adopt with no additional infrastructure costs

A line drawing of a hand holding an S-Key card on a bright green background

Hygienic, contactless technology

Available in NXP MIFARE or LEGIC versions

Line drawing of pass card keys on a bright green background, one has a padlock for security on it

Biometric data never leaves the card

Better privacy & GDPR compliance

A drawing of a finger touching a fingerprint scanner which opens a padlock

Two/three-factor authentication

Additional security layers if required

sustainable icon - a plant surrounded by circling arrows

Batteryless sustainable solution

Unlike other cards S-Key contains no battery

S-Key works with all major access control solutions from:

Evaluation cards

Evaluation Packs of our S-Key contactless biometric access control cards can be purchased through your local reseller. International delivery is also available. Please get in touch to find out who your local reseller is.



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