The extended benefits of biometric access control cards (Part 2)

How fingerprint activated biometric access control cards protect your team and the environment.

Freevolt is a biometric access card company which introduces an extra security layer to access control cards, bringing many business benefits. Secure fingerprint access cards also enhance the personal safety of your team members, as we will explain in this blog.

Here is why biometric access control cards are good for your team.

Easy to use

Biometric access control cards use the distinctive personal features of a fingerprint to positively identify an authorised user. This removes the need for individuals to remember any password or PIN, alleviating the stress of recall and saving security personnel bandwidth and support. Biometric security controls have become widely used on smartphones and other devices, so we know that the individual user experience is smooth and trusted.

Reduced exposure to abuse

Since biometric data cannot be replicated, the loss or theft of a fingerprint access control card is less stressful for the authorised individual. The chance that any password or PIN will be observed or copied is removed, and a lost card is completely unusable without the fingerprint, so your team can rest assured that they will not inadvertently be responsible for a breach in your access control system.

Convergent systems

Biometric authentication through secure fingerprint access provides a strong additional security layer, allowing a card used for physical access control also to be used for passwordless or logical access control applications (for example, to access computer systems and data, or for secure printing). This helps individuals by enabling a single fingerprint-authenticated card to serve several purposes without cluttering up their wallets.

Protecting personal data

Businesses must ensure that their team members’ private, personal information is kept secure. As a leading biometric access card company, Freevolt is clear that any biometric access card solution must be designed to protect that information and keep it literally in the cardholder’s hand.

Using fingerprint technology, biometric access control cards can be simple and quick to authenticate. S-Key biometric access control cards do not require any personal data to be held by your business, and never transfer any personal data from the card. Only an authentication confirmation is read by the card reader, and if the card is lost even the fingerprint cannot be retrieved. Your team members can rest assured that their data cannot be stolen or abused.

Contactless security control

Fingerprint security cards remove the need for individuals to touch equipment to enter a password or PIN. Simply placing their finger on their card, held close to the reader, is sufficient to grant or deny access. Since COVID-19 demonstrated the hazards of contaminated surfaces, we owe it to our teams to help protect them from infection.

S-Key biometric access cards – the sustainable solution

Freevolt is a biometric access card company with a difference: we go a step further, by doing what we can to help our environment. Our innovative approach to secure access control cards is to minimise waste. Unlike other biometric access control cards, S-Key cards contain no battery.

Enhanced on-card security techniques such as biometrics are helping businesses to solve the problem of fraud and physical security breaches – but these new security features require additional power.

Batteries, however small, eventually run out, meaning the card has to be replaced and materials including the battery disposed of. Adding better batteries or other charging methods is not a sustainable solution.

Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting

Instead, S-Key uses Freevolt technology to harvest power from nearby RF sources, such as access control card readers, to drive enhanced security measures. With no battery to change or recharge, each card has a smaller environmental footprint and a longer life.

Avoiding more plastic in landfill

To avoid more plastic ending up in landfill we also offer a recycling service for S-Key cards. Customers can return their S-Key cards to us free of charge for sustainable disposal, and those on our flexible plan will receive fresh S-Key replacement cards.

S-Key biometric cards: the people-friendly solution to physical access control

We know that biometric access control cards are effective in helping businesses protect themselves against physical security breaches. But it is clear that S-Key’s secure fingerprint-activated access control cards also provide personal benefits to the individual end-users – and help to save the planet. What more could you ask?

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