The extended benefits of biometric access control cards (Part 1)

How fingerprints provide an extra security layer to use across your business

Secure fingerprint-activated biometric access control cards can protect your business against the financial, operational and legal consequences of a physical security breach.

But adding this extra security layer provides more than easy access control – it also gives you a robust and cost-effective tool for managing your business and teams.

Why biometric access control cards are good for your business

Biometric data provides an additional layer of security to access control systems. It proves that the person seeking access not only has the right card, but is positively identified as the specific person authorised to use it.

With clever use of technology, secure fingerprint access cards require no password or PIN, so remove the risk of users writing these details on the card and thereby negating this second authentication factor. Simply placing a finger on the biometric access card close to the reader is sufficient to grant or deny access – maintaining strong two-factor authentication, or 2FA, at all times.

Biometric access control card company Freevolt has found that its secure fingerprint access control cards also offer many added benefits for your business:

Cost effective access control system

  • No added infrastructure set-up: the latest fingerprint-activated cards can be read by all existing NFC devices, since the key biometric data stays on the card. This means there is no need to invest in new access control infrastructure, and gives you the freedom to introduce the cards as a trial, or to target specific higher security areas, alongside your existing systems.
  • Easy start: secure fingerprint access control cards are easy to set up, requiring minimal time from your IT team – and since S-Key cards are battery-free they do not need regular replacement.
  • Simple to switch: biometric access control cards are made to match the standard card footprint and thickness, so work with your existing access control system and printing systems as well as current lanyards and card-holders.

Saving time

  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) by PIN typically takes 3-5 seconds from presentation of the card to the grant of access. Biometric access control cards take just 1-2 seconds, giving a cleaner and more efficient user experience.
  • No more forgotten passcodes means improved efficiency. Businesses who use two-factor authentication via PIN must support users who forget their passcode. Resetting takes time for both the employee and security personnel, which has a direct impact on costs.

Convergent systems

Biometric authentication provides a vital additional security layer, so cards used for physical access control can also be used for logical or passwordless access control. Multi-use cards are convenient to use and store, and simplify convergent access – the ability to grant access across a range of different systems through a single, strong authentication tool.

Track workplace time and attendance

Hybrid working and staff changes can make it hard to track when, and where, people are on your premises. Fingerprint-activated access control cards give you clear and reliable data, which can be used for anything from tracing contamination routes to designing smart energy-control systems.

S-Key biometric cards – the winning solution to physical access control

Enhanced security access cards are key to protecting your business against the cost and disruption of physical security breaches. Biometric access card company Freevolt’s secure fingerprint access control cards provide a fast and cost-effective solution, giving targeted control without infrastructure investment, and providing added benefits for your business.

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