Unlock savings with S-Key’s biometric access control solution 

Cost-effective, quick-start fingerprint authentication from Freevolt 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is key to secure access control. In this blog, we look at how fingerprints provide a crucial second layer of authentication, and how S-Key’s innovative biometric access card solution is both cost-effective and easy to implement.   

Why do we need multi-factor authentication?

At the simplest level, physical access control can be provided by supplying authorised personnel with a door key. This key can take many forms: a traditional key; a fob or token; or a smart card or ‘badge’. It is risky because anyone finding, stealing or duplicating the key now has access to your premises. 

This is why an extra layer of authentication is increasingly demanded for security across a wide range of physical and logical systems. Requiring a person to provide something they have (a card or token) plus an extra layer of authentication, such as something they know (a password or PIN), makes it harder for unauthorised users to gain access. 

What does biometric authentication add to access control solutions? 

We know that passwords and PINs can be copied or shared, instantly negating the second layer of authentication. A new generation of biometric tools is rapidly gaining popularity in access control, thanks to the distinctive nature of biometric markers such as an individual’s face and fingerprints. Access control through biometric authentication is simple, quick and effective, as we have seen with the growing use of ePassports and face recognition for mobile devices. 

Fingerprint access control for every situation 

Freevolt Technologies has burst open the availability of biometrically authenticated access control to every organisation. Fingerprint technology is complex, and fingerprint authentication on a card requires additional power – so you might expect this solution to be expensive and come with a limited life. But with Freevolt’s innovative S-Key card, you pay for nothing but the card you use, and it lasts forever. 

Whether you are looking for physical access control to premises, logical access control to computers and systems, or even a way to ensure that only qualified, competent staff have access to dangerous machinery, S-Key’s secure two-factor authentication cards are quick and easy-to-introduce, and provide a highly cost-effective solution. 

Secure access control with no added infrastructure cost 

Freevolt has ensured that changing to a biometric access control demands no major investment. Biometric readers are expensive to buy and install – but S-Key’s fingerprint access control cards can be read by your existing 13.56 MHz card readers, so there’s no need to rip out and replace access hardware. For new installations, wide compatibility means you are free to adopt card readers that meet your budget. 

S-Key also future-proofs your access control, since its secure authentication system will be readable through generations of card readers. With open integration, there is no danger of vendor lock-in, and if you decide to introduce convergent systems (giving access to special equipment or data, for example) it is simple and quick to update the card. 

Low cost – just pay per card for full biometric authentication 

We know that organisations may have fluctuating security needs: temporary staff, visitors or experts will need varied physical access; staff training may change their clearance to operate vehicles; or outside advisors may require restricted access to your software systems. Freevolt makes this easy.  

With no need to upgrade your infrastructure, all that you pay for is the individual S-Key access control cards. Each of these can be quickly set up with bespoke access, useable only by the named person and revocable at any time. It’s a smart and cost-effective solution. 

Durable access control cards last for years 

Providing fingerprint authentication on a card requires extra energy, but Freevolt have cleverly found a way to capture this from the fields emitted by contactless card readers. Thanks to their innovative energy-harnessing technology, S-Key cards require no battery, so last much longer than traditional battery-powered cards which need regular replacement. 

In fact, Freevolt is so confident in the longevity of their fingerprint access control cards that they offer a Lifetime Warranty* on S-Key cards – there is no charge for replacements if they develop a fault outside of normal wear and tear. Given the card will last for many years, why not provide that peace of mind to its user, knowing that the card will continue to work time and time again. 

*Terms and Conditions apply 

Cost-effective access control trial 

With no installation costs, you can trial our biometric security cards alongside your existing systems. Introduce secure fingerprint authentication just for high-security personnel, or to control access to specified data: find out for yourself just how user-friendly this simple and secure system is in practice, at virtually no cost. 

Reduced set-up and maintenance costs 

S-Key’s biometric access control cards are simple to set up and require little technical maintenance or support. Users set up their fingerprint independently, so there is low input for your IT team, and the cards work right out of the box. 

Your support team will also be delighted that they no longer waste time re-setting passwords and PINs that have been lost or forgotten – some organisations report wasting hundreds of hours per year on this! 

Reduced GDPR and privacy concerns 

Freevolt’s access control cards never transmit fingerprint information – all personal data remains securely stored on the card under the user’s control. This greatly simplifies data protection systems and reporting for your organisation, again reducing overheads and saving costs. 

Protect against costly security breaches 

Probably your biggest cost saving lies in the best protection against breaches in access control. Physical security breaches can have devastating cost implications for any organisation. From the immediate operational impacts to revenue and reputational damage, the financial impact of failures in access control is severe.

By adding the extra security layer of biometric authentication, S-Key’s cards help protect you against fraud. They ensure that only verified individuals have access to your premises and systems, providing simple and cost-effective security. 

Fingerprint authenticated access control cards linked to key machinery and vehicles, for example, will also reduce the risk of staff sharing cards to use equipment for which they are not qualified. Non-compliance with Health & Safety systems carries the risk of uninsured damage and personal injury – a risk that can be effectively mitigated using S-Key access control. 

Cost-effective access control solutions from S-Key 

By allowing access only when the authorised person is present, fingerprint-authenticated cards can help protect against breaches of both physical and logical security systems. With low investment cost, low running costs and strong security, S-Key’s biometric access control card is a cost-effective and enduring solution. 

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